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Managing Your GSE Inventory with CerQlar

Registries are the backbone of the renewable energy trading market, making it possible for participants to keep track of their certificates and take part in trade agreements. But recent growth spurts have transformed the renewable energy market and how participants engage in trades. With the GoO industry already pushing participants to their limits in the efforts to manage the scope of current trading activities, it may be time to reassess the role registries play in the renewable energy market.

How registry apis will transform the eac markets
Market growth and registry management

It’s undeniable that registries are an indispensable tool and will always play a critical role in the renewable energy trading industry. But recent social and political shifts, in addition to an increasing urgency to achieve legislative green energy goals, have driven up the demand for renewable energy certificates, creating additional pressure for an emerging and rapidly growing renewable energy trade market. 

Traders are already pushing their resources to the limit, and it’s clear that for the renewable energy market to continue expanding at its current rate, something needs to change to allow traders to scale their activities. The solution? Creating technological infrastructure that will bring the digital transformation that traders need to keep up with the expected growth. 

To facilitate this goal, some registries have begun offering APIs, and while it may take several years until the majority of registries become API-enabled, you can still begin to experience the benefits of the digital revolution without API technology. 

Leverage technology to manage your GSE inventory

Managing complex trades and large numbers of certificates manually via a registry can be challenging. CerQlar is a technological solution that allows you to manage and scale all your trade-related activities on a single platform designed to meet the needs of the renewable energy industry. The CerQlar platform already supports a variety of registries, including Statnett/NECS, HKNR (UBA), VREG, CWAPE, and now GSE as well.  

While inventories are necessary, they aren’t 100% reliable and don’t provide all of the much-needed features. Recently, GSE was hacked, taking the registry offline and leaving hundreds of users unable to access their registries. Third-party solutions such as CerQlar avoid this issue by allowing you to transfer all the data you have in your registry account and upload it to CerQlar’s platform, where it is always accessible for easy viewing and management. 

Working with a registry also means that the only inventory you can view is the inventory you store on that registry. If you work with multiple registries, it’s impossible to get a clear view of your whole inventory without manually collecting the data from each one, making it challenging to track transactions efficiently.

CerQlar’s platform acts as a single source of truth for your data and inventory, allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and standardize it on a single, user-friendly platform. Additionally, CerQlar’s unique inventory management features include advanced filtering, the ability to earmark certificates for specific trades, and access to the data you need to plan ahead based on which certificates are available for future use. 

CerQlar normalizes the data collected from multiple registries and presents it on a clearly viewable dashboard that can be sorted and filtered, allowing you to allocate certificates to trades and manage current trades quickly and easily.

How to get started with CerQlar

To begin managing your GSE inventory with CerQlar, simply upload your inventory file to your CerQlar account. As soon as your file has been uploaded, you can jump right in and begin managing your inventory, including marking certificates that need to be transferred or canceled, connecting certificates to specific trades, and earmarking certificates for future opportunities.

  • View inventory changes and allocate inventory for future trades
  • Engage in complex trades, including batch trading, even with inventory from non-API-enabled registries
  • Plan for GoO market changes and future trades by identifying inventory that is approaching expiration, when it’s due, and what is available to trade at any given moment
  • Manage your GSE inventory and identify which certificates need to be canceled or transferred faster and more efficiently
  • Collaborate with team members seamlessly on a single platform

Get in touch with our experts today to learn how you can begin streamlining your trading with CerQlar.

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