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Maximize your EAC portfolio profit with Position View Feature: Gain clarity and control today 

The continued expansion of the EAC (energy attribute certificate) market over the past few years has led to an increase in trading activity and the number of certificates produced each year. 

With new government policies, higher demand from the consumer side, and climate impacts on renewable energy production, volatility is expected to continue. For this reason, it’s more important than ever for market participants to have easy access to the right tools to make informed decisions and take advantage of market opportunities. 

That’s where CerQlar’s core Position View feature comes in. Position View is a powerful tool that combines an overview of trades and inventories on a single dashboard, giving market participants the insights they need to make informed decisions about their portfolio positions.

Navigating complex certificate trades with Position View

Position View’s advanced functionalities and flexible options make this feature an essential tool for energy producers, utility companies, and trading houses looking to stay ahead of the game. 

Its capabilities include the following:

Forward trade book and inventory

CerQlar’s Position View feature allows you to combine your forward trades and inventories into one convenient platform, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, the platform normalizes the data, making it possible to compare, filter, and aggregate data from various sources This allows you to easily view which certificates are engaged in trade and which are available for future trading, making it easier than ever to plan your trade strategy in advance. 

Aggregate data by parameter

One of the key features of Position View is its ability to aggregate data and filter certificates by a variety of criteria, including issuing country, or production date, or the certificates currently involved in a trade. This simplifies the trade process by making it clear which certificates are closest to expiration and need to be urgently traded or canceled and allowing you to select certificates for specific trades. 

Display short and long positions 

Position View enables you to view your short and long positions. By getting a full view of your portfolio and the state of each certificate, you get a clear picture of your long, short, and net position per aggregation and can plan for future market shifts and trade opportunities. 

Filter parameters

Position View includes a range of filter parameters, which can be used to show all certificate parameters or to filter by specific parameters. This gives you greater flexibility in how you view your inventory and current position and helps you better manage your energy certificate portfolio.

Flexible aggregations

The aggregations in Position View are also highly flexible and can be changed to meet your needs by parameters such as expiration date, country of origin, technology and more. This makes it easy to customize the way you view your portfolio and allows you to focus on the certificates that are most relevant to your current needs or the requirements of the trade you are currently engaged in.

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Moving forward with Position View

The Position View feature is a powerful tool that can help maximize your profits while making informed decisions about your energy certificate portfolio. Position View offers unparalleled flexibility in trading by providing you with the information you need at your fingertips at any time. 

The feature’s comprehensive capabilities include aggregating and filtering data, displaying short and long positions, and more. They allow market participants to stay on top of their trading activities and keep up with market growth. 

Position View gives you the tools to facilitate the handling of high volumes of GoOs effortlessly and make the most out of your EAC inventory. 

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