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Assign, transfer & redeem

Each trades consists of one or more Energy Attribute Certificates and organisations may use just one registry or use multiple registries in several countries for keeping their inventory.

  • In case of a registry with an API, transferring certificates and accepting or rejecting incoming transfers can all be triggered by the CerQlar platform and it will provide an up-to-date overview of your certificates.

  • If a registry might not have an API, you are still able to use a single overview of your total inventory by uploading your certificate data from the registry to the CerQlar platform. That way it will still coordinate the settlement process by generating tasks for users, helping them to complete the whole process.

  • Information about upcoming delivery obligations is combined with information on available Inventory, to allow you to assign specific inventory to a trade: No need to remember what certificates will have to be delivered or have been assigned already. This prevents a certificate from being assigned to multiple trades.

  • To help you manage your inventory, the CerQlar platform notifies users regarding upcoming settlement dates, expiration dates of certificates, receipt of certificates and changes to inventory.

  • Cancellation of certificates can be initiated from the CerQlar platform, if they are held at a registry with an API. And if the amount of certificates in your registry account changes, the CerQlar platform will reflect and even highlight these changes.

  • Notifications and alerts can be used for (over)due approvals and payment of trades and make you aware of upcoming deliveries and expiration of certificates.

  • The inventory of your certificates can be easily exported for further usage like analysis or regulatory reporting.


AIB connected registries

The settlement process for GOs can span multiple registries in different countries and many of those registries use outdated technologies and/or have no API access.

As a result, updating those registries with inventory changes is error prone and takes a lot of time and effort. With the CerQlar platform you’re able to manage this process in a much more efficient way


Manage all your certificates via the CerQlar platform


Settlement without hassle

Use one platform to assign, transfer and redeem your certificates