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2 Trade capture


The CerQlar platform acts as the hub where all trade information can be captured, processed and managed. You can accept trades, send a trade you captured to your counterparty for approval, proceed to signing the contract, assign inventory to a trade. You can zoom in per trade for more details and view the key attributes for each certificate and missing delivery or payment obligations is a thing of the past with our platform generated tasks & alerts, like: “approve trade request”, “assign inventory to a trade”, "sign contract”.

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3 Alert


The CerQlar platform provides a RECS International EECS GO trade agreement template or you can use your own custom trade agreement, auto-populated with all trade details entered during the trade capture. This not only saves time, it also minimises the risk of manual errors. You can assign colleagues who will need to approve & sign the contract. Based on this the CerQlar platform will send notifications and alerts to the users involved, to ensure the process will finish in a timely manner.

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5 Assign Inventory


The CerQlar platform can initiate certificate transfers and export and cancel certificates, in case of registries using an API. For non-API connected registries, the CerQlar platform offers a single overview of your total inventory by uploading your certificate data from the registry to the CerQlar platform. That way it will still coordinate the settlement process for you by generating tasks for users to complete the whole procedure. And to help you manage your inventory, automated notifications are being sent to users, regarding upcoming settlement dates, expiration dates, changes to inventory, etcetera.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you've received an invitation to join the CerQlar platform, you can get ready to capture trades quickly by:

  • adding organisational information like address & banking details

  • add users and assign roles

  • configure the approval process for your organisation

  • set up your registries in order to run your first inventory upload

  • define signatories and manage your counterparties

As part of the onboarding process we can help you upload your existing forward book on the platform, eliminating the need to run multiple solutions in parallel.

We've started with GO's (European Guarantees of Origin) and are currently working on adding many of the most frequently used and mature environmental commodities to the CerQlar platform.

EUAs and EUAAs will be added next and we want to expand further by covering the US RECs and RINs markets as well. Other products like VERs and White certificates are next in line.

Contact us for more info on timelines and expansion plans.

The CerQlar platform uses a variety of datastores for storage & safety, using best practices architecture for safety & recovery. Data stored in the CerQlar platform is hosted in the Google Cloud & replicated to multiple data centers: If a server in one data center fails, the processing is switched to a replica server in another data center with minimal service interruptions. To manage customers information, we employ multiple levels of data protection:

  • We encrypt all data transmissions with SSL security

  • We use secondary in-database encryption for extra security

Best practices security are embedded into our services at multiple levels. From at-rest & in-transit encryption, to authenticated APIs at each layer, we ensure the protection of customer data.

We want to help create a more efficient market and make it accessible to every market participant, no matter their size or activity level. We offer a low cost entry model, an "a la carte" price list that allows active market participants to grow into the platform and a professional solution that offers all the services and features you need to manage your environmental commodities portfolio. Contact us to discuss which approach works best for your business.

At CerQlar, we want to contribute to a world where sustainability is no longer just an ambition & where organisations have the tools to take climate action at their disposal. We enable businesses of all sizes to contribute to solving global warming & meet/exceed their regulatory targets by utilising the different environmental products available within the carbon emission avoidance & absorptions schemes, by:

  • connecting the disjointed service landscape

  • minimising the administrative burden

  • making the process more efficient

  • reducing the barrier of entry by lowering the cost & raising the level of knowledge

  • The application is written in Kotlin and React, and uses the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

  • Everything is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & the CerQlar platform utilises many different managed services from GCP, such as: Google Compute Engine (GCE), GKE, Cloud PubSub, Cloud Secret Manager, Cloud Storage, etcetera.

  • To support the scalability of the platform we use MongoDB Atlas as our primary storage for certificates.

  • We deploy Auth0 to handle all the numerous aspects of signing in to the CerQlar platform, to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • Customer passwords are handled by Auth0 (https://auth0.com/security), which controls platform access & is configured to enforce MFA.

  • Customer data is located in data centers operated by GCP (Google Cloud Platform), which provides high standards when it comes to information and physical security), & trusted vendor cloud environments.

  • The CerQlar platform uses Firewalls, IAP, BeyondCorp, amongst others, to ensure only allowed individuals/services have access to the platform.

  • To provide data encryption at rest and in transit, features of GCP are being utilised. mTLS is used whenever the CerQlar platform's own services communicate.

  • When working with renewable energy certificates registries that have an API, customers provide credentials for those registries that CerQlar platform stores. We use Google Secrets Manager in order to store them securely. To guarantee extra security, CerQlar’s source code is automatically scanned for common security vulnerabilities.

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