CerQlar integrates with HKNR - Upload your files and normalize your GO data


Registries are an essential tool and an indispensable part of the renewable energy trading industry. But as the demand for green energy rises and the demands of the renewable energy market increase exponentially, automation and advanced functionalities are needed to accommodate the increasingly complex requirements of GO trading.

EU and local initiatives have pushed the GO market’s growth, and with that growth, trades are becoming larger and more complex, making the need for a digitized solution even more urgent. To keep up and scale up, the GO market will need to undergo a digital transformation. 

This is why some registries have begun offering APIs, though many have yet to take that much-needed leap. This doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself to the registry’s capabilities; with the right tools, you can still experience the benefits of digitization even without an API.

CerQlar simplifies the GO post-trading process. Request a meeting to learn more.

CerQlar already supports a number of registries, including Statnett/NECS, GSE, VREG, and CWAPE, and we’ve now expanded to include the general guarantees of origin registry (HKNR) powered by UBA.

Managing your HKNR (UBA) inventory just got easier

CerQlar allows you to easily manage and scale your trading activity in a user-friendly platform designed to meet the needs of traders, consumers, and producers in the energy market. 

CerQlar already supports a number of registries, including Statnett/NECS, GSE, VREG, and CWAPE, and we’ve now expanded to include the general guarantees of origin registry (HKNR) powered by UBA (the German Environmental Agency). Data exchange with HKNR needs to be managed manually and through the registry’s interface. Users can view their inventory in the form of a spreadsheet, filter, and take actions like transfer and request to cancel a certificate. Users are unable to use advanced filtering, connect certificates to specific trades, manage their trades, or plan ahead based on which certificates are available for future use. 

Additionally, if you have more than one HKNR (UBA) account or work with multiple registries, you can’t see your entire inventory in one place. This leads to an untenable situation in which transactions must be manually recorded across different systems. 

A single source of information is needed to provide standardization of data combined with advanced automation capabilities – CerQlar provides all of that in one user-friendly platform.

What if you could integrate your ETRM into a platform dedicated to GOs? Learn how CerQlar can help you with that.

CerQlar normalizes all inventories, providing a clear dashboard that can be easily sorted and filtered, allowing you to quickly locate and select specific certificates for trade. Simply upload your HKNR (UBA) inventory file to your CerQlar account and enjoy the extra time you’ll have on your hands. 

Once your file has been uploaded, you can immediately begin managing your inventory. This includes marking certificates that need to be transferred or canceled, connecting certificates to specific trades, and earmarking certificates for future opportunities.

Here are just a few of the functionalities you can enjoy with CerQlar:

CerQlar addresses the missing link between HKNR (UBA) inventory data and your IT solutions like an ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management system)

View changes to your inventory and earmark certificates for future trades

View which certificates have been assigned to specific trades, making it much easier to plan future trades and settlementsView and track your certificates’ entire trade lifecycles in a uniform and easy-to-navigate interface

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