Acceptable Use Policy

Responsibilities & Restriction

This acceptable Use Policy, sets forth the rules that apply to use the CerQlar Services including but not limited to the CerQlar platform, any product, service and website provided by CerQlar B.V. or any of its affiliates. This Acceptable Use Policy operates as part of the Terms and Conditions of CerQlar. It applies to You as a user of our Services and to all End Users or Affiliates or any third party accessing the CerQlarplatform and any of its services at all times.

For ease of reading, we refer to the Service Participant as “You, Your” when You use any of the Services in Your capacity as a Member and or Client or any other capacity where we grant You access to any of the Services. We refer to CerQlar B.V. and any of its affiliates as “CerQlar, Us, Our”.

This Acceptable Use Policy also protects the interest of all of our service participants, as well as our goodwill and reputation.

By using the CerQlar service, You agree, on behalf of Yourself, Your End UsersAffiliates or any third party acting on Your behalf

1. Reporting Suspected Violation and lost access to Platform:

In case You suspect or know of any suspected violations of this Acceptable Use Policy, please send an email to [email protected] along with a description and copies or evidence of the suspected violation. Our team will investigate the suspected violation in line with our security policy and respond in a way that we consider appropriate.

You are requested to contact as soon as practicable Your account manager atCerQlar or to send an email to [email protected] if any account information, including any access credentials, have been lost, stolen or compromised.

2. Your Responsibilities: 

a. When You are granted access to any of the CeQlar Services, You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining Internet access to the CerQlarPlatform for Yourself and each End User registered to Your account. You are responsible for the accuracy, quality and integrity of the Data that Your and/or Your End Users input into the CerQlar Platform. You are responsible for acts and omissions of the End Users registered to Your account.

b. You covenant that each End User shall be an actual individual natural Personwith identity confirmed by You and accurately given in any communication or interaction with the Service, and You shall ensure that each End User has due authority to undertake each action permitted to be taken in connection with same on behalf of You (Your company/organization).

c. You will safeguard all administrative End User authentication credentials in Your possession or under Your control and will be responsible for any unauthorized access to the Account (other than due to an act or omission byCerQlar). You will be responsible for the provisioning and de-provisioning of each End User, including selecting their role(s) and responsibility(ies) of the services and CerQlar Platform for such End User;

d. You shall comply with, and shall ensure that Your End Users comply with, the CerQlar Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for all activities performed by any End User that occur in the Service and the CerQlar Platform.

e. Before entering into any Trade with a Trade Counterparty, You shall perform all anti-money laundering and economic sanctions screening obligations required under applicable law for such transactions; and understand each transaction to the extent necessary to reasonably conclude that, to Your knowledge, no Trade entered into the Service is prohibited by the applicable law.

f. While using any of the Services, You may not without Our written consent, offer(including as a service or for sale, license or use) to any third party, any service or platform that competes with the Service and/or the CerQlar Platform (as available at such time), in whole or in any material part, provided that the foregoing shall not preclude You from offering any service or platform whatsoever to Your Affiliates.

g. You shall remain responsible for the ongoing compliance with the applicable terms and conditions of any Registry You are using through the CerQlarPlatform.

3. Restrictions:

You may use the Service solely for Your own internal business purposes. You shall not, and shall not facilitate, engage or knowingly allow any Service Participant, End User, any Affiliate or any third party to:

  1. access or use the Service, the CerQlar Platform or any CerQlar API in violation of these terms and/or any CerQlar Terms and Conditions, or in a manner intended to avoid, or that would reasonably be expected to result in the avoidance of, true, complete and accurate record keeping with respect to the actual use of the Service, the CerQlar Platform or any CerQlar API or any Fee;
  2. license, sublicense, sell, resell, rent, lease, transfer or distribute any or all of the Service or use any or all of the Service for commercial time sharing, outsourcing or other commercial exploitation other than as expressly permitted herein;
  3. copy, modify, or create a derivative work of the Service, the CerQlar Platform,including any user interface or element thereof, or any CerQlar API;
  4. reverse engineer, decompile, translate, disassemble or otherwise attempt,directly or indirectly, to extract, obtain or discover any or all of the source code, algorithms or any underlying ideas or methods, of the CerQlar Platform, anyCerQlar API or any portion of the foregoing;
  5. access, download, transfer or manipulate any data and/or database(s)maintained by or comprising the CerQlar Platform using protocols or interfaces other than those provided as part of the CerQlar Platform and/or any CerQlarAPI to which Client access is authorized, or otherwise as authorized in writing by Company;
  6. use any manual and/or automated software, device and/or other processes(including but not limited to spiders, robots, scrapers, crawlers, avatars, data mining, screen scraping, data scraping tools or the like) to record, “scrape”and/or download data from any interface(s) made available as part of theService, the CerQlar Platform or any CerQlar API, other than in accordance withexpress permission herein or in Documentation;
  7. access the Service in connection with  any assessment of features, functionality, interface or performance of the Service and/or the CerQlarPlatform related to the design and/or development of any competitive product or service or as a basis for a directory or database prepared for commercial sale or distribution or  any effort or attempt to copy any features, functionality and/or interface of the Service and/or CerQlar Platform;
  8. introduce any virus, Trojan horse, worm, logic bomb or other material that is known or reasonably should be understood to be malicious or technologically harmful to the Service, the CerQlar Platform or any CerQlar API;
  9. use the Service, the CerQlar Platform or any CerQlar API in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair any server(s), network device(s)or the network(s) connected to any part of the CerQlar Platform (other than the Internet) or interfere with any other Person’s use and enjoyment of theCerQlar Platform;
  10. disable or interfere with the Cloud Service or circumvent any of our security or access controls; or remove or destroy any title, proprietary, trademark, copyright and/or restricted rights marking(s), notice(s) or label(s) contained within the Service, the CerQlar Platform, any CerQlar API, Documentation, any other material provided by Company or any portion of the foregoing; or
  11. claim any rights in, degrade the distinctiveness of or use any CompanyMark(s) to disparage or misrepresent the Company, the Service, the CerQlarPlatform and/or any CerQlar API.

We may monitor compliance with this AUP and investigate any violations. If we determine that You or Your content violates this AUP, we may remove or suspend access to Your content or invoke our suspension rights under the CerQlar Terms and conditions.