Consolidate Your Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) inventory, trading, settlement and position Management enabling the Single Source of Truth.

CerQlar has been purpose built for energy companies and traders to leverage the power of technology to optimize portfolio management of Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)

We get it. You’re busy enough running your certificates business. You need a solution that is easy to use and quick to scale up. Our intuitive software was designed to help you reduce your operational risk and manage complexity. So you can focus on managing your portfolio.

Centralized portfolio management

  • Centralize and organize your data to get more oversight and control.
  • Get a macro view of your entire portfolio, or drill down into details.
  • Consolidate team tasks and get a master status list in one convenient location.
  • Manage a single, reliable source of trade and inventory data in one place.
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Enhanced collaboration

  • Collaborate with customers and your team inside one platform.
  • Reduce misunderstandings because everyone sees the same data.
  • Reduce manual touch points and prevent errors.
  • Enable multiple people to work on different tasks at the same time.
  • Increase efficiency with a standard and clear workflow and automated notifications.
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Automate your workflow

Automate your entire trade process from end-to-end. People involved in the process get notified when to take steps so that nothing gets forgotten.

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Create reliable data

Enter or upload trades to create one central and reliable data set that stays the same throughout the trade cycle. When both counterparties are looking at the same data, trade acceptance is quick and comfortable. A key benefit is that both counterparties have certainly that trade (including all details) has been accepted.

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Use standard contracts

Use one standard contract template to avoid reinventing the wheel for every new trade or counterparty. Get trade agreements processed and signed faster. This means less work for you and your customers.

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Be in control

Assign certificates (individually or in bulk) for delivery to eliminate repetitive processes and save time. Get clear notification and certainty that all steps have been completed correctly and your trade is settled.

Features 6 be in control 2@2x
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Inventory management

  • Import your data from all of your registries in one central location.
  • Consolidate your entire portfolio under one roof more maximum efficiency.
  • Normalize your GO assets so that your certificates from different registries look the same. When all files are transformed/converted to use the same naming conventions, same variables, and the same fields, leveraging your data becomes much easier.
  • You are able to sort easily to “compare apples to apples.” For example, Hydro appears everywhere instead of Hydro, Wasserkraft or idroelettrico. Even when you export your data, it stays normalized.
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Position management

  • See all of your trades and inventory in one convenient place. Use a flexible dashboard to select a 10,000 footview, or easily drill down into details.
  • Organize your inventory and your expected deliveries and view it in a way that makes sense to you and ensure that your inventory matches your obligations.
  • Enhance communication with your stakeholders. Change views quickly and easily to show different keystakeholders relevant data that matters to them.
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Securely Built for Enterprises – Designed for Modern users.

  • Security-first architecture.
  • Designed for Enterprise-level scalability.
  • Open API allows Integration into existing IT landscape.
  • Synchronises data with ETRM systems
  • SLA: 99.5% Uptime
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