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Automating the GO certificates process

for energy producers & suppliers

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The benefits of our platform

Manage the trade workflow in an effective, efficient way with the CerQlar platform. It is easy to use, saves time & minimises the errors that come with manual processes. All registry tasks can be handled on the platform in a fully or semi-automated way.

Capture trades easily

Trade details are easily captured so you can manage your trades online for further processing.

Speed up approvals

Automatic push notifications for specific users, like risk officers who need to approve a trade.

Use our contract templates

Contract creation & management based on standard or customised trade contracts.

Digital signing

Contract templates are auto-populated with all trade details & can be digitally signed.

Manage your inventory

Reconcile inventory & process transfers of inventory with your trading partners.

Transfer Certificates

Certificates can be transferred automatically or manually. Notifications will alert you for settlement requirements & expiring certificates.


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Manage your trades, contracts and certificates without hassle

How it works

Save time with our online trade capturing and contracts. Use just one platform to manage all of your Energy Attribute Certificates on multiple registries.

Trade Management

Trade Management

  • Capture trades faster and without errors.
  • Work with a clear overview of all your trades and contracts.
  • Don't miss delivery and payment obligations with our automated notifications.
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