Understanding the European Guarantees of Origin Market 2023

This guide, developed in partnership with the Montel Group, gathers main concepts, trends and expert opinions on the state of the GO market.

Whether you are a veteran in the energy sector, are taking your first steps, or are simply curious about what the guarantees of origin entail, we believe you will come across valuable information in the following pages.

This ebook is based on presentations by top experts who gathered in Vienna in September, 2023 for a masterclass on the GO markets. This physical event was hosted by Montel Marketplace, partnering with Cerqlar.

ebook Understanding the European Guarantees of Origin Market

Key learning points:

  • Guarantees of Origin – History & Market
  • Overview of the renewable energy policies
  • How to manage risks in the GO market
  • What’s a GO portfolio and risk management
  • The Hungarian Power Exchange and GOs
  • GO Market trends and outlooks

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