Meet our team

We’re on a mission to create a new technology standard that will enable the EAC markets to keep up with ever more complex customer demands.

Who we are

Our Talent

We thrive on global collaboration. Rooted in Amsterdam with a team of global citizens, we apply a wide range of skills and cross-cultural insights. This rich collaboration enables us to truly understand and empathize with diverse customer needs, wants, and preferences.

Villalobos agustin 18679 original

Agustin Villalobos

Frontend Developer

Tcvetkov alex 6544 original

Aleksandr Tcvetkov

Software Engineering Manager

Our diverse team leverages talents and valuable intercultural perspectives.

Fedorov anton 6598 original

Anton Fedorov

Head of Development


Christopher Clifton

Senior Backend Engineer


Cynthia Yaqiong Shi

Senior Product Manager


Danil Khaliullin

Backend Engineer


Darren Macdonald

Senior Product Manager

Giacomo BDR CerQlar

Giacomo Ceolaro

Business Development Representative

Renewable energy and responsible energy consumption are in our DNA.

Van gyoung 6843 original webres

GYoung Van

Product Designer

Jens Wind, BDR CerQlar

Jens Wind

Business Development Representative


Julia Huizeling

Partner Relationship Manager


László Nagy

Backend Engineer


Maggie Polman

Account Executive

Montoya manuel 6647 original

Manuel Montoya

Frontend Engineer

Rodriguez manuela 11208 original webres

Manuela Rodriguez

Legal Counsel

Lefler maria 6828 original

Maria Lefler

Senior Customer Success Manager

Andersson martin7121 original fullres

Martin Edling Andersson

Head of Product Management