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Effectively manage your EEGO inventory with CerQlar

The renewable energy market has grown considerably following encouragement from the EU and local initiatives, and with that growth comes increased complexity. While GoO (Guarantees of Origin) registries are crucial to the renewable energy market, many don’t offer the advanced functionalities that are needed to accommodate such trades. The lack of these functionalities makes it difficult to view your entire inventory, manage trading activities, see which certificates are going to expire and when or connect certificates to specific trades. In short, it’s still unnecessarily complicated to view all your GoO data in one place – which makes planning ahead an incredibly hard and time-consuming mission.

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Lately, the growing demand for green energy has led to a drastic increase in the demands put on the renewable energy market. This exponential growth has made the need for more automation and other advanced capabilities even more urgent. Portfolio managers need access to better tools in order to effectively manage their inventory and meet the increasingly complex requirements of GoO trading. 

CerQlar’s EEGO Integration 

While EEGO is not an API-enabled registry, you can still benefit from the technological advances of CerQlar. The CerQlar platform makes it possible to easily and efficiently manage your entire inventory from a single location. 

You can start managing your EEGO inventory by manually downloading your data from the registry and uploading it directly to CerQlar’s platform. Once the file is uploaded, you have access to an easy overview of your consolidated inventory for more streamlined management. From CerQlar, you’ll have access to the certificates’ serial numbers, notes, expiration data and more. From there, you can use advanced functionalities to filter, track, and sort certificates so you can make more informed decisions. 

Even without an API, CerQlar’s integration with EEGO offers a more automated process for scaling and strategizing trade as well as predicting future activities in the renewable energy market. 

CerQlar solutions for modern market challenges

Trying to keep up and organize your fragmented data requires constant, manual upkeep that is costly and time-consuming and makes it unsustainable if you want to stay in step with market growth.  These complex manual configurations also expose data to the risks of operational errors, resulting in potential financial losses. 

CerQlar solves this by providing a single source of truth, where you can see all your data – standardized. By normalizing all inventory data, CerQlar provides a clear, user-friendly dashboard where your consolidated inventory can be easily sorted and filtered. 

At CerQlar, we understand how dynamic the renewable energy market is. With our platform, you can take quick action to leverage any sudden opportunities that arise. Our solution enables you to not only keep up with market demands but anticipate them; allowing you to manage your portfolio effectively and take it to the next level.

Streamline your EEGO inventory management with CerQlar

With a wide variety of functionalities, CerQlar includes tools to:

  • Track the entire trade lifecycle of GoO certificates with a uniform and user-friendly interface
  • Ensure transparency and simplify audit processes
  • Connect your inventories from V-REG, SPW, e-CWaPE, Statnett/NECS, Finextra, or other registries to IT solutions including an ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management System) 
  • Seamlessly exchange and integrate data between inventories at different registries
  • Build an efficient trade plan by viewing which certificates are assigned to specific trades
  • Get updates on changes to your inventory and earmark certificates for past or future trades which allows for more informed decision making
  • Engage in complex GoO trades, even if your inventory is on a non API-enabled registry like EEGO
  • Use advanced inventory filtering and assigning features
  • Make faster and more efficient changes within your registry by easily identifying which certificates need to be transferred or canceled. On EEGO, GoOs can be canceled up to 18 months after the end of the production period, but for disclosure purposes, they must be canceled within 12 months
  • Plan trades and transfers in advance by identifying available trading opportunities, which certificates are set to expire, and trade deadlines

Boosting your portfolio with CerQlar

When you use CerQlar to manage your renewable energy portfolio, you have access to a world of efficient inventory management and streamlined trades. Seize the opportunity to optimize your GoO trading activities and get ahead of rapidly changing market trends. With CerQlar, you have the advantage of a comprehensive suite of tools designed for your trading needs. Our platform allows you to easily manage your renewable energy inventory so you can effectively optimize your assets whether you’re a trader, consumer, or energy producer. 

Discover how you can take your EEGO portfo to the next level.

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