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CerQlar collaborates with Grexel to enhance energy attribute certificate management

The global energy landscape is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, driven by advancements in renewable energy technology. As the industry’s needs evolve, the demand for technological infrastructure that can meet these changing requirements continues to rise. The integration of technology and renewable energy trading holds great promise for the future, empowering market participants to embrace renewable energy sources, meet increasing demand for renewable energy certificates, and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Registries like Grexel’s G-REX are responding to increased demand by offering APIs that allow market participants to connect their portfolios to third-party solutions. CerQlar is now collaborating with Grexel to offer a seamless and efficient solution for managing renewable energy investments. This latest collaboration brings together two powerhouses in the renewable energy sector, combining their expertise to deliver unparalleled value to users.

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Providing G-REX users with new capabilities

Through the collaboration with G-REX, CerQlar users gain access to new markets through API-enabled registries, including Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark, Serbia, and Switzerland (with other REDII energy carriers to follow). This collaboration enhances the capabilities of G-REX by introducing advanced features unique to CerQlar’s platform. Users can now effectively monitor their inventory, track the lifecycle of certificates, securely transfer and store data from multiple registries, and make informed decisions based on available certificates. 

CerQlar empowers traders, producers, energy retailers, and consumers to keep up with the shifting trends of a dynamic market and achieve their renewable energy goals through a single platform.

Advancing the renewable market with cutting-edge technology

This collaboration with Grexel is an exciting opportunity to expand CerQlar’s support, which currently includes a wide range of registries such as Stattnet and HKNR’s UBA, and provide users with a solution that offers advanced features to enhance registries’ basic capabilities. CerQlar’s mission is to facilitate the widespread adoption of renewable energy by offering robust technological infrastructure that supports complex trades and the increasing volumes of renewable energy certificates. The collaboration with G-REX serves as an additional testament to CerQlar’s dedication to this goal.

Together, CerQlar and Grexel are driving the renewable energy industry forward by empowering users with state-of-the-art technology that simplifies the management of energy attribute certificates. This collaboration establishes a foundation for a more secure, reliable, and efficient approach to EAC management, ultimately facilitating the broader adoption of renewable energy and supporting the transition to a sustainable future.

Discover the benefits and potential of CerQlar’s latest integration for yourself. By seamlessly integrating CerQlar’s platform with G-REX and other renowned registries, you can revolutionize your energy attribute certificate management, optimize your operations, and actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

Elevate your renewable energy management with CerQlar

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