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Streamline your GoO inventory management with CerQlar’s EEX integration

The green energy market is growing exponentially, resulting in added complexity and pressure when it comes to GoO trading. REC market stakeholders such as portfolio managers and traders are facing increased difficulty effectively managing their entire GoO inventory across multiple registries. As the market continues to gain popularity, trading is expected to become increasingly difficult and time-consuming. The reason? The lack of one consolidated platform standardizing data across inventories and allowing stakeholders to organize, access and filter their data as well as take action.

With CerQlar’s solution traders, buyers, producers and other market participants can finally manage their energy certificate portfolios more efficiently, saving time, and eliminating operational risk. With its user-friendly platform, CerQlar normalizes data, simplifying the trading activity and making it possible to scale up. CerQlar supports a variety of API-enabled and non-API-enabled registries, and has now expanded to include the French Guarantees of Origin registry, EEX (previously Powernext). CerQlar’s support of EEX renewable energy certificates eliminates the need for manual trade inventory coordination across multiple systems. Now you can easily scale and manage your GoO trading activities– across registries – from one place.

Streamline your GoO inventory management with CerQlar’s EEX integration

CerQlar supports non API-enabled registries 

The rapid growth of the GoO market requires technological infrastructure, in order to allow market participants to organize and trade their renewable energy certificates. However, the current situation is that traders, producers, buyers and portfolio managers need to manually manage their certificate inventory data across multiple registries – and with fragmented definition and settings varying across those registries. This fragmentation leads to stakeholders creating their own configurations, using tools such as spreadsheets for data entry, inventory management, and trade management. The manual nature of those configurations causes an increased risk of human error and creates a significant administrative burden as well as leading to losses and fines due to missed expiration dates, trading opportunities etc.

Other factors can further complicate inventory and trade management, including cyberattacks on registries leading to loss of data or the inability to access the data and market participants working with inventories across multiple registries. All of these issues can be addressed with digital solutions.

While API can make registries more accessible, market participants can still benefit from technology such as CerQlar’s, even when using non API-enabled registries like EEX.
At CerQlar, we understand how rapidly the renewable energy certificate market evolves, the opportunities that arise, and the quick actions they often require. Using our platform, sudden opportunities can be acted on with ease and efficiency while mitigating the risks of human error and loss of data and significantly reducing the administrative burden.

Manage your EEX inventory more effectively with CerQlar

EEX is the French guarantee of origin (GoO) registry, operated under appointment from the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The GO mechanism is the only system recognized in France for the tracking of energy production from renewable sources. It ensures that end consumers can verify the origin of the electricity that they consume. EEX GoOs can be requested up to 5 months after the end of the relevant production period. Those GoOs expire one (1) year after the end of the respective production period so being able to easily track which certificates are nearing expiration can be critical.

To start managing your EEX inventory with CerQlar, simply upload your EEX inventory file to the CerQlar platform. Once the file is uploaded, you can start marking certificates that need to be transferred or canceled, earmarking certificates for future trade, and managing your entire inventory from a single location. From there you’ll be able to enjoy CerQlar’s automated processes that will help you strategize, scale, and forecast activities in the renewable energy market.

Some of the advanced features offered by CerQlar include:

  • Making data easily accessible to all users, enabling them to anticipate transfers and trades
  • Tracking the entire lifecycle of a trade with a user-friendly interface that’s uniform and easy to navigate
  • Identifying which certificates are due, already reserved, approaching expiration, or which are available to trade at any given time with actions like data filtering
  • Providing market participants tools to engage in complex trades across registries, even with registries that are not API-enabled
  • Making it easier to plan future settlements and trades by displaying which certificates are assigned to specific trades
  • Easily identifying which certificates must be canceled or transferred
  • User-friendly change tracking to earmark certificates for trades in the future
  • Seamless collaboration with team members
  • Enabling users to make long-term plans for implementing trading strategies with position view and inventory management tools

Taking  EEX inventory trading to the next level with CerQlar

CerQlar’s support of EEX (formerly Powernext) certificates allows portfolio managers to streamline their GoO operations, make more informed decisions, and decrease operational risk, despite EEX not being API-enabled. With CerQlar’s advanced functionalities and user-friendly platform, you can manage your renewable energy portfolio and scale your trading activities with ease. Implement any changes that need to be made to your EEX portfolio faster than ever, allowing you to keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing market. 

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