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CerQlar extends support to Swedish registry Cesar

Achieving climate goals is keeping government and business leaders up at night, due to pressure from the state of the climate, from consumers, and from regulators. This increased awareness has made reducing carbon emissions and investing in sustainable alternatives bigger priorities than ever.  The new developments in the renewable energy market have led to the creation of an active trade market of guarantee of origin certificates – also known as GOs or GoOs. 

CerQlar integrates with Swedish registry CESAR

These GOs are issued by issuing bodies, including registries, which are accredited by the AIB. Some of them are general and some are location-related, like Cesar, the Swedish registry. 

The GO market has experienced immense growth lately, which translates into incredible pressure on portfolio managers, traders, operators and other market participants. While the need for streamlined digital solutions becomes more acute, only a few registries have started offering an API, which makes it easier to view and manage all the certificate data in one place. 

Lacking an API, portfolio managers find themselves dealing with fragmented data and managing it across multiple registries or building their own configurations – which puts them at security and operational risk.

Thankfully, there is now a solution for streamlining and modernizing GoO management even when working with non API-enabled registries like Cesar.   

Easily and effectively manage your Cesar inventory 

CerQlar now supports the Swedish national support certificate registry, Cesar. CerQlar’s solution is designed to support the needs of traders, consumers, producers, and other participants in the green energy market. With one user-friendly platform, you can easily manage and scale your trading activity.

With CerQlar’s integration for Cesar, there’s no need to manage yourr inventory manually. While you will need to manually download your Cesar inventory to a CSV file, you can simply upload the file to your CerQlar account and start managing your inventory right away. Users are able to easily manage their trades, connect certificates to specific trades, use advanced filtering, or plan ahead based on which certificates will be available for future use. In Sweden, GoOs typically expire 1 year (12 months) after the end of the related production period, and EECS Certificates which have expired are no longer valid for transfer nor cancellation.

For users with inventory in multiple registries or with multiple Cesar accounts, viewing your entire inventory no longer requires time-consuming configurations and the manual recording of data across different systems.  With CerQlar, you can view and manage your entire inventory from one single place. 

CerQlar offers advanced automation capabilities and standardizes data to provide a single source of information so you can easily and effectively manage your entire GoO inventory.

CerQlar supports a wide range of registries

CerQlar already supports a wide range of registries including GSE, Statnett/NECS, Finextra, CWAP, and EEGO, and can be integrated with API-enabled registries as well as non-API-enabled registries. While Cesar does not offer an API, CerQlar makes it possible to benefit from digitization and streamline your portfolio management. CerQlar normalizes data across all inventories, providing a simplified dashboard that can be easily sorted and filtered so you can find and select specific certificates available for trade. CerQlar allows you to mark certificates that need to be transferred or canceled, connect certificates to specific trades, and earmark certificates for future use. With a more automated process for strategizing and scaling GoO trading, you can forecast activities and keep up with the dynamic renewable energy market. 

Some of the advanced functionalities by CerQlar include:

  • Identifying which certificates are going to expire, when they are due, and which are available for trade at any given time so you can plan trades and transfers ahead of time
    Cesar GoOs expire one (1) year after the end of the production period so easily tracking certificates approaching expiration is critical
  • Connecting your Cesar inventory data with your IT solutions such as an ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management system)
  • View which certificates are assigned to specific trades so you can plan future trades and settlements more effectively
  • Trade in batches or engage in more complex trades using CerQlar’s inventory assigning and filtering features, even with inventories on a guarantee-of-origins registry that is non-API-enabled such as Cesar
  • View and track the complete trade lifecycle of your certificates with a uniform and easy-to-use interface 
  • Easily determine which certificates need to be transferred or canceled at any given moment, enabling you to log into your Cesar account to quickly and easily make changes to your inventory more efficiently
  • Allow teams to seamlessly work together on the same inventory
  • Make informed decisions to build long-term trading plans and implement strategies using advanced inventory management functionalities

Take your Cesar portfolio management to the next level.

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