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CerQlar supports Pronovo inventories

Registries play a key role in the renewable energy trading industry by providing vital functions for GoO (Guarantee of Origin) trading such as issuance, transfer, export, and cancellation of certificates. Due to EU and local initiatives as well as other factors, such as increased social awareness and the global energy crisis, the renewable energy market is experiencing rapid expansion at unprecedented rates.

The pressure and demands put on the market have grown increasingly complex as demand for renewable energy increases. As a result, portfolio managers are also under a growing amount of pressure and are looking for digital solutions to manage the market’s evolving demands. The requirements of GoO certificates have become increasingly complex and make more automated and advanced functionalities necessary.

Managing your GoO inventory with cerqlar

As GoO trades become more complex, the need for a digital solution becomes urgent. While registries are in need of a digital transformation, only a few have taken the digital leap by offering an API. Portfolio managers who manage inventory across registries, cannot view all their inventory in one place if those registries are not API enabled, limiting their functionality and requiring tedious, manual configurations. These complex configurations aredone manually across multiple systems, which increases the risk of operational errors and financial losses.

With CerQlar, you can mitigate these risks even if your inventory includes non API-enabled registries, such as Pronovo.

Managing Pronovo inventories on CerQlar

With CerQlar’s support, traders, operators, and other market participants can access advanced inventory management tools to quickly and easily manage inventory and adjust to market changes. CerQlar has now expanded support to include the Swiss registry, Pronovo.

To use CerQlar to manage your Pronovo inventory, download your inventory data to a CSV file and upload it to your CerQlar account. CerQlar normalizes data for all inventories, standardizing your data and presenting it in an intuitive and organized dashboard. From your CerQlar dashboard, your consolidated inventory can be easily sorted and filtered to quickly locate and earmark specific certificates for trade. You’ll also be able to better manage trades, use advanced filtering, and identify which certificates are set to expire or are available for use at any given time. In Switzerland, GoOs are typically valid for a year (12 months) after the production period, however, some GoOs are extended until the end of May of the following calendar year. This is the case for the following GoO production periods:

  • January to April, for monthly GoOs
  • GoOs from the first quarter of the year for quarterly GoOs – this is only applicable for small production devices below 30 kVA

CerQlar allows you to view and manage your inventory in one place – even If you have inventory with multiple registries. CerQlar standardizes your data, creating a single source of reliable information, and enabling you to manage your energy portfolio more effectively while saving time and money.

With CerQlar you can:

  • View which certificates are already assigned to specific trades so you can plan future settlements and trades with ease
  • Engage in complex GoO trades and trade in batches, even with GoO inventory on registries like Pronovo that don’t have an API
  • Connect Pronovo inventory data with IT solutions such as an ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management System)
  • View and track the entire lifecycle of your certificates using an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Quickly and easily determine which certificates need to be transferred or canceled at any given time
  • Identify which certificates are approaching expiration, when they are due, and which are available to trade so you can plan trades and transfers in advance
  • Develop long-term trading strategies to implement using inventory management features
  • Enable teams assigned to the same inventory to work together seamlessly

Improving Pronovo portfolio management with CerQlar

When it comes to managing your renewable energy portfolio, it’s important to make informed decisions. The advanced functionalities offered by CerQlar make it possible to streamline GoO operations, mitigate operational risks, and easily manage inventory and trading activities even for registries that are not API-enabled. CerQlar’s integration with Pronovo provides you with normalized data, so you have the information you need to manage and enhance your portfolio.

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