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CerQlar supports VertiCer (formerly CertiQ): Upload your files and normalize your GoO data

The renewable energy market is experiencing exponential growth at unprecedented rates, and many professionals, including power portfolio managers, are turning to digital solutions to help manage the market’s expanding demands. This growth has been attributed to EU and local green initiatives, growing social awareness, and the global energy crisis. But a variety of environmental factors, including draughts across Europe affecting hydro production, mean that EAC (energy attribute certificates) production rates are decreasing, despite demand being higher than ever before.  

With that growth comes new risks, which need to be mitigated before they have a financial impact on all market participants. These new challenges highlight the need for a digital transformation in the EAC market. Automated and advanced functionalities are necessary to accommodate the increasingly-complex requirements of GoO (Guarantee of Origin) certificates. 

While some registries offer APIs to support this transformation, many have yet to make the leap. CerQlar provides a solution that supports registries both with and without APIs, giving market participants at all levels the opportunity to streamline their trading and protect their investments.


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Addressing modern market challenges with CerQlar

While registries are essential to the EAC trade process, most registries don’t offer advanced functionalities such as filtering, making it challenging to connect certificates to specific trades, manage trading activities, or plan ahead based on which certificates are available for future use. Additionally, market participants who work with multiple registries are unable to view their entire inventory from any single location without complex manual configurations that leave their data open to the risk of error and require constant upkeep. An environment in which transactions must constantly be manually recorded across different systems creates unnecessary work and potential operational errors and is not sustainable with the market’s current growth trajectory.

CerQlar provides a single source of truth that provides standardization of data combined with advanced automation capabilities, all in one user-friendly platform. 

CerQlar normalizes all inventories, providing a clear dashboard that can be easily sorted and filtered, allowing users to locate and select specific certificates for trade quickly. Once the file is uploaded, users can immediately begin managing their inventory.

CerQlar’s solution for managing VertiCer inventory

While CerQlar already supports a wide range of registries, including Statnett/NECS, GSE, VREG, CWAPE, and HKNR’s UBA, we have now expanded our range to include the Dutch registry VertiCer (formerly CertiQ). Although VertiCer is not API enabled, CerQlar has made it possible to manage your inventory data by manually downloading your data from the registry and uploading it to CerQlar’s platform for an easy overview and streamlined management. This integration provides a more automated process for strategizing and scaling trading and forecasting activities in the renewable energy market. 

Once the inventory has been imported/uploaded to the platform, users can view their entire inventory through the platform and use features to filter, track, and sort certificates, and make informed decisions.

Some of the advanced functionalities CerQlar enables include:

  • Enabling users to view changes to inventory and earmark certificates for future trades
  • Displaying which certificates have been assigned to specific trades, making it easier to plan future trades and settlements
  • Tracking certificates’ entire trade lifecycle via a uniform and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Giving market participants the tools to engage in complex trades, such as trading in batches, even with non-API enabled registries such as VertiCer
  • Making data easily accessible to users, allowing them to plan transfers and trades in advance by identifying which certificates are approaching expiration, when they are due, which are already reserved, and which are available to trade at any given moment
  • Allowing users to easily identify which certificates need to be transferred and canceled at any given time
  • Giving users the ability to make long-term trading plans and implementing strategies with inventory management and position view tools 
  • Allowing teams to work together seamlessly on the same inventory
  • …and more!
Advancing VertiCer trading with CerQlar

CerQlar’s support of VertiCer (formerly CertiQ) inventories makes it possible to make informed decisions, streamline GO operations, and decrease operational risk even on a non-API-enabled registry. The advanced functionalities provided by CerQlar allow for easier management and scaling of trading activities in the energy market. The integration provides a more streamlined and automated process.

With CerQlar, you can view any changes that need to be made to your VertiCer portfolio and implement them faster than ever, allowing you to keep up with shifting market trends and demands and giving you easy access to the information you need to take your GoO management to the next level. 

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