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Streamline your GoO inventory management with CerQlar: Now supporting V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW Registries

Registries play a vital role in the renewable energy trading industry, providing essential functions such as the issuance, export, transfer, and cancellation of renewable energy certificates. However, managing trade inventory across multiple registries can be complex and time-consuming. As the renewable energy market grows and becomes more demanding, the basic functionalities of registries may no longer suffice. Additionally, working with multiple accounts or registries makes it difficult to have a consolidated view of your entire inventory. To meet the evolving needs of the trade market, a digital transformation is required.

CerQlar is dedicated to supporting traders, buyers, and producers in the energy market, offering a user-friendly platform that simplifies and scales trading activities. We are excited to announce that CerQlar now integrates with the V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW registries in Belgium. This expansion allows users to upload their GoO data files and normalize their inventory management process.

Managing Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) can be complex and time-consuming. Learn how CerQlar makes your life easier.

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Connecting with an increasing number of registries

As the market expands and grows more complex, CerQlar continues to expand its support to include more registries, giving more traders, operators, and other market participants access to advanced features which are becoming an essential part of trading in a rapidly-evolving market. With the integration of the Belgian V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW registries, CerQlar offers a user-friendly solution to streamline your Guarantees of Origin (GoO) inventory management. Gone are the days of manually coordinating your trade inventory across different systems. CerQlar provides a unified platform where you can easily manage and scale your trading activities, regardless of the registries you work with.

Navigating registries without an API

At CerQlar, we understand that the renewable energy certificate market is dynamic, with sudden opportunities that require quick action. With our platform, you can leverage these opportunities with ease and efficiency. And while an API may not be available for V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW at the moment, CerQlar’s advanced features can still be extremely beneficial. CerQlar allows you to manage your inventory from both API-enabled and non-API registries. With non-API-enabled registries, such as V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW, you can access CerQlar’s features by simply uploading your inventory to your CerQlar account in the form of a CSV file.

Streamline your inventory management with CerQlar

CerQlar offers a wide variety of functionalities designed to streamline your inventory management process, including:

  • Connect your V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW inventories to IT solutions like an ETRM system, enabling seamless data exchange and integration.
  • Gain visibility into your inventory by viewing which certificates have been assigned to specific trades, facilitating efficient trade planning.
  • Track the entire lifecycle of your certificates in a uniform and user-friendly interface, ensuring transparency and simplifying audit processes.
  • Engage in complex trades, even with inventories on registries like V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW that don’t have an API, using CerQlar’s advanced inventory filtering and assigning features.
  • Stay updated on changes to your inventory and earmark certificates for past or future trades, allowing for better trade management and decision-making.
  • Plan your transfers and trades in advance by identifying certificates approaching expiration, trade deadlines, and available trading opportunities at any given moment.
  • Easily identify certificates that need to be transferred or canceled, enabling you to make faster and more efficient changes directly within your registry accounts.
  • Utilize advanced inventory management features to create long-term trading plans and implement strategies that align with your business objectives.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members, ensuring efficient teamwork and coordination on the same inventory.

Start trading with CerQlar today

Start managing your V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW inventory with CerQlar today and unlock a world of streamlined trades and efficient inventory management. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your trading activities and stay ahead of shifting market trends. With CerQlar, you can experience the advantages of a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your trading efficiency. Our platform offers robust features for managing your renewable energy inventory, allowing you to easily track, monitor, and optimize your assets. 

Whether you’re a renewable energy producer, consumer, or trader, CerQlar’s intuitive interface and advanced functionalities provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Discover how you can take your V-REG, e-CWaPE, and SPW trading to the next level.

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