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Using CerQlar with the Statnett registry

Registries play a critical role in the renewable energy trading industry, providing a way for market participants to manage their certificates and engage in trade agreements. But the continued growth of the renewable energy market has put pressure on participants to find new ways to manage the growing scope of their trading activities. With new growth come new risks, and as social and political factors continue to drive demand for renewable energy certificates, it is crucial for portfolio managers to reassess how they manage their registry data. Navigating an evolving market now means that market participants are required to mitigate new operational and management risks to prevent financial losses. To address these new challenges, many professionals from the energy market are turning to technological solutions

As a response, some registries have begun to offer APIs to help streamline the management of certificate data, and one of the registries to provide such a service is Statnett/NECs. 

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Connecting CerQlar to Statnett

CerQlar has expanded its platform to support the Statnett registry, allowing you to draw data directly from the registry for a more streamlined and efficient way to manage your EAC (energy attribute certificate) portfolio.

CerQlar’s expansion to support the Statnett registry provides market participants with a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their certificate data.

One of the major benefits of the Statnett registry is that it offers an API, which is a rare feature among registries but will hopefully become more common in the future. This means that market participants can programmatically transfer inventory data between the registry and CerQlar, making it easy to manage their inventory without having to switch between different applications.

Statnett is also known for providing detailed and thorough inventory data. CerQlar’s integration with Statnett means that market participants can easily access and manage their inventory and scale their guarantees of origin activities with CerQlar’s portfolio management tools.

Managing inventory with CerQlar

Managing complex trades and large numbers of certificates manually via any registry can be challenging. CerQlar allows energy suppliers, retailers, utility companies, and energy producers to manage and scale all their activities on a single platform designed to meet the needs of the renewable energy industry.

One of the challenges of managing inventory only through a registry is that registries can fall victim to cyber-attacks or technical issues, leaving market participants with no way to access their inventory. To mitigate this challenge, CerQlar allows you to transfer all of your data from 19 registries to your CerQlar account, where it is always accessible for easy viewing and management.

Another challenge arises when working with multiple registries – for example, if you have inventory on Statnett and another non-API registry. This makes it difficult to get a clear view of your entire inventory without manually collecting data from each registry. CerQlar’s platform solves this problem by acting as a single source of truth for your data, allowing you to collect data from multiple sources and view it in a standardized manner on a user-friendly platform.

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In addition to providing a more reliable way to manage inventory data, CerQlar also offers advanced inventory management features such as filtering, earmarking certificates for specific trades, and access to data that market participants need to plan ahead based on which certificates are available for future use. All these features and more can now be easily integrated into your trade and post-trade process for your Statnett and other registry portfolios. 

The renewable energy market’s growth, while beneficial, has created additional pressure on market participants to manage large numbers of certificates and engage in complex trades. While it may take several years for the majority of registries to become API-enabled, CerQlar is already positioned to help market participants experience the benefits of the digital revolution. With CerQlar, market participants can manage all their trade-related activities on a single platform that integrates with a variety of registries, both API and non-API-enabled, including Statnett.

How to get started with CerQlar

You can start managing your Statnett inventory with CerQlar today! Statnett’s API makes it simple to migrate your inventory, and once it has been uploaded, you can already begin enjoying CerQlar’s portfolio and trade management features, including:

  • Prepare for market shifts and future trade by tracking your inventory
  • Get an accurate view of the current inventory and the inventory that will enter and exit the position based on unsettled trades.  
  • Decrease human error and reduce operational risks
  • Collaborate with team members and other market participants
  • Track certificates’ statuses
  • and so much more

Reach out to our experts or schedule a demo today to learn how you can take your Statnett trading to the next level with CerQlar. 

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